The Glory of God (Day 4 of 4)

Recap yesterday…

A personal story

It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings to search out a matter (Prov 25:2). Man needs a purpose and God knows that so He has concealed these things on purpose to allow man to enjoy searching them out. James Hamilton (Reference 2) has shared that God’s glory is in His work of salvation and judgment through history. He acknowledges that God’s glory “is like a many faceted gem, which reflects and refracts light in ever-new, ever-unexpected ways as it is admired”. These words reminded me of a vision I had of God’s glory years ago.

A visiting teacher from America said something really provocative: if you pray Revelation 4 for 21 days something supernatural will happen. Now don’t get caught up in the ’21 day’ issue. It was not meant to be legalistic statement but a challenge to devote time to this intense pursuit of God. I could not resist so I started praying Revelation 4 but after two days I realised I did not understand Revelation 4. I started studying Revelation 4 and when I was confident that I had some understanding I started praying Revelation 4 for as long as it took. On day 21 I had a supernatural encounter with God and He showed me His glory (at least in part).

I had learned that the jasper (Revelation 4:3) was like a diamond, clear as crystal (Revelation 21:11). Immediately I was inside the jasper staring at one of the facets of God’s glory (His wisdom). I could not take my eyes of this facet, my eyes fixed and unable to move from side to side. The facet was a hexagon and it had a white halo around its edge and in the centre was a plain gray face of the facet. It looked ordinary in colour and I wondered how something so plain could capture my gaze. Then God gave me revelation of the halo and it was pure white, I mean the white was so pure it was beautiful. It was the beauty of the purity of the light that captured my gaze. Additionally, as I gazed at the face of the facet God took my eyes into a microscopic examination of the face of the facet and I could see thousands of dimples and every dimple was as perfect as the next dimple. I was stunned at the perfection of each dimple and God revealed to me that the beauty of the face of the facet was in the perfection of His wisdom. The beauty of His wisdom was in purity and perfection of His nature and character.

While I was staring at this facet, I saw a flash of light out of the left corner of my eye. I could turn my head to see a second facet of God’s glory (His love). The same vision of purity and perfection captured my gaze until I saw another flash of light above my head and when I looked up the facets of His nature and character went on forever. No wonder we need eternity to come to a knowledge of the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ (John 17:3).

I believe there is so much more to the glory/goodness nature and character of God. We can start the journey now and we will finish when eternity finishes. Which is NEVER!

Written by John and Shirley Ray, edited and posted by Joel Ratcliffe

Photo by Konevi from Pexels


  1. Twelve Primary Themes in John 13 to 17 – Mike Bickle
  2. God’s Glory Alone – David Vandrunen
  3. The Return Conference 2021  –

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