John and Shirley Ray

John and Shirley have been married for 44 years have two children, a son-in-law and a granddaughter. They have both retired from careers in science. John’s career ended as Principal Scientist in health and Shirley spent time in education and University management. They became Christians in their early thirties and spent most of their early journey of faith in the Sydney Anglican Diocese. They led small groups, participated in evangelism and Shirley continues her work in women’s prisons ministry. In 2010 John and Shirley visited the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (U.S.A.) during the awakening that was occurring at the time. This was a time of substantial transformation with personal encounters with Jesus, visions, dreams, release of spiritual gifts and prophetic direction. John and Shirley were called into the global prayer movement (Malachi 1:11) and in much of this blog they share the many lessons God has taught them over the last nine years. They continue as intercessors, watchman and forerunners as they have been called by God and have a prayer room in their home.

Joel Ratcliffe

Joel lives in Sydney and works in the publishing industry. He moved to Sydney 6 years ago to help birth Sydney House of Prayer. He remains committed to his God-given assignment of calling Australia to behold the beauty and worth of Jesus through Prayer, Worship, the Word and all of life. He writes a popular blog at chasingthebeautifulGod.com and is the author of The Song Jesus Sings: Drawing near to the Heart of God through the Song of Songs.